My goal is the heath of your employee.

The success of your company depends crucially on the physical and mental vitality of your employees. Strengthening health leads to increased work performance which consequently supports efficiency and cost savings for your company. The reciprocity between health and fitness is part of the foundation of a high-performance society. The question of targeted coordination of these variables is becoming increasingly important.

With boundless enthusiasm Maike Lange encourages one to take care of one’s own health in the long term. At seminars, workshops, and conferences or at special health care days at national and international companies she captivates the audience within seconds. Her exuberant personality and calm nature provokes and motivates. She manages to sustainably change the consciousness of individuals by showing causes and associated long-term consequences. Old held concepts are being challenged and unimaginable insights and self- knowledge emerge.

Is your goal to protect your executive leadership, minimize and reduce overall health risks, and effectively strengthen and support the well-being and professional motivation of your employees?
As an expert in her field, Maike Lange, provides an innovative and unique reinterpretation of medicine, health and prevention for your employees. Due to its enthusiastic approach and encouraging motivation to change one’s own life and health in a positive manner, no participant will ever forget the keynote.

Depending on what you are looking for regarding seminars, lectures, and workshops Ms. Lange will tailor her approach to your individual needs and that of your organization. Seminars, Workshops or Coaching sessions are also available with specific focal points such as health prevention, stess management, burnout prophylaxis, micronutrients and nutrition, vital substance analysis and much more depending on your needs.

I am looking forward to supporting you and your organization in implementing an innovative health concept.